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Last Call for Istanbul, a film that promises a narrative rich in the exploration of time, relationships, and societal dynamics, takes its audience on a journey that, unfortunately, falls short of its ambitious goals. The initial premise of a chance meeting between Serin and Mehmet at an airport sparks the expectation of a whirlwind night filled with life-altering decisions. However, as the story unfolds on the streets of New York, it becomes evident that the film veers off its promising path, opting more for lighthearted moments than the profound exploration of its central themes.

November 24, 2023 TV Release Date: / 1 hr 31 min / Drama, Romance Director: Gönenç Uyanık Writer: Nuran Evren Şit Cast: Beren Saat, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Annie McCain Engman

Unexpected Turns: Keyzer Söze’ing the Audience

The pivotal moment, where the audience is presented with the unexpected turn of events, lacked the finesse required to deliver a truly impactful twist. The issue extended beyond mere editing; weak performances and uninspiring dialogues served as early indicators, robbing the film of the element of surprise. Actress Beren Saat’s attempts at naturalistic acting inadvertently hinted at the impending plot twist, diminishing the intended shock value.

Genre Confusion: A Balancing Act Gone Awry

The film’s struggle to maintain a cohesive genre adds to its shortcomings. What begins as a seemingly profound exploration of adulthood pivots abruptly into a mix of romantic drama, modern hometown vibes, and a clichéd romantic comedy finale. This genre confusion, reminiscent of the film Before We Go, dilutes the impact and originality that the movie initially promised.

Wasted Opportunities in the City that Never Sleeps

Last call for Istanbul
Last call for Istanbul

Returning to the pivotal night in New York before the narrative shift, the film portrays the protagonists indulging in marijuana, alcohol, and revelry. In a critical moment where their future hangs in the balance, the characters’ choice to succumb to such distractions raises questions about the film’s coherence.

The juxtaposition of romantic drama and romantic comedy feels forced and fails to contribute meaningfully to the characters’ development.


Women Take Center Stage: A Superficial Dive into Marriage and Divorce

A notable shift in the film’s focus turns towards the complex themes of marriage and divorce. Unfortunately, the exploration remains superficial, leaving much to be desired. The film’s treatment of these weighty subjects lacks the depth found in classics like Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage or contemporary masterpieces like Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story. The unrealistic expectation that premarital passion will sustain a lifetime is perpetuated without delving into the intricate structures of love, marriage, and passion.

A Social Message Lost in Translation

The film’s final message, involving a woman abandoning her struggles and dreams to seek solace in the arms of her beloved husband, raises eyebrows in the context of ongoing discussions about gender inequality in cinema. In an era where debates on hegemonic masculinity, the victimization of women, and attempts by men to portray themselves as victims are prevalent, the film’s conclusion sends a troubling message. The woman giving up her fight and surrendering to the embrace of her husband seems to pave the way for a narrative misstep.

Conclusion: Last Call for Istanbul

In conclusion, Last Call for Istanbul falls short of its potential, grappling with genre confusion, missed opportunities for character development, and a lack of depth in addressing significant societal themes. The film’s attempt to navigate the complexities of time, relationships, and gender dynamics ultimately leaves the audience wanting more. As viewers, we can only hope that future endeavors in this cinematic space will learn from these shortcomings, providing a more nuanced and fulfilling exploration of the human experience.

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